Gallery 2

Kaleidoscope Flower 01
2004, 15" x 15"
Northern Star
2004, 21" x 21"
Kaleidoscope Star
2004, 14" x 18"
Around the Garden
2004, 44" x 45"
Ring Around the Roses
2001, 20" x 30"

It did not take me long to translate the technique of curved strip piecing into my Totally Tubular technique. I like to learn something new and immediately apply it to my own work. It was a freeing experience once I realized I could work without rulers and still create some sort of structure. I think it gives the work a great deal of character and brings it alive. I think of consistent inconsistency as being very consistent. I am not done playing around with this concept.

Aleya's Kaleidoscope
2004, 25" x 25"
Night in the City
2000, 20" x 27"
Flying Carpet
2001, 28" x 34"
2001, 32" x 32"
Celtic Knot
2000, 36" x 36"
Aleya's Quilt
2002, 22" x 29"
The Road Less Traveled
2000, 23" x 24"

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