It is my intent to give quilters enough information and inspiration to transform my techniques into their own beautiful creations.

Fantastic! Dramatic! Geometric Quilts!
They're Totally Tubular!

It's Totally Tubular and totally brilliant! Combine easy strip piecing with clever methods for cutting, rearranging, and sewing again. Quilt designer and teacher Rita Hutchens' innovative Totally Tubular technique will have you creating dynamic geometric quilts before you know it!

- 5 bold, graphic quilt projects to choose from Lightning (right), and Jacks, Pinwheels, Rainbow, and Irish Chain Goes on Safari (see Gallery 3)

- Template and paper-free technique produces diamonds, spirals, kaleidoscopes, and other intricate geometric designs

- Complete, step-by-step instructions walk you through the Totally tubular process

- Colorful quilt gallery will inspire your own creativity

C&T Publishing (2003)
$23.95, Pages 80, 8.5" x 11"
Softcover, section sewn, full color, index

2002, 34" x 40"

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Cover Quilt Variation
Click HERE for the directions for the Quilt Cover Variation

Reviews of Totally Tubular Quilts

"Rita has taken strip piecing to another level, resulting in complex designs made with simple techniques." ---Janet Jo Smith, Quilters Newsletter Magazine - January 1, 2004

"Rita takes Seminole patchwork into the 21st century by blending the bargello tube method with the slice and resew steps of Seminole piecing. I can only envy the mind that looks at strips and knows that she can turn them into vibrating and vibrant designs without ever working with triangles or, indeed, any small pieces. The five major designs in the book are arranged in order of difficulty so that you can learn the steps one at a time while creating a series of wall hangings. The finished tops can also be used as the basis for unique garments." ---Sharon Darling, Quilt University

"Rita Hutchens sees things --- things others don't. In her book, Totally Tubular Quilts, she shows you how to see as she sees. Rita's "dramatically graphic quilts" were beautifully displayed in the open air at the Creston Quilt Festival market. They were stunning. Unbelievable. They were machine-pieced? You made them? You could show me how? You wrote a book? You teach workshops? Is this possible? Yes, yes times six! Talking with Rita was exhilarating. Her belief in you as a quilter extraordinaire was contagious. Her manner was unassuming as, she quickly and easily instructed us. She encouraged us in her quilting. We began to believe that we too could do this. Rita's book is just as comfortably, excitingly convincing. I can do this --- we all can. With Rita's encouragement and guidance she can "change your perspective a little" and have you creating one or more of five exotic quilt projects. This is not just another quilt book. Rita Hutchens is an artist, designer, teacher and author who does all things from her heart. And it shows." ---Deborah Sears, Mountain Cabin Quilters Guild

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